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How do I become an actor in Paniz?!

Consultation and Registration

Once you enter Paniz academy, you realize that you are in an interesting environment. The school atmosphere is so positive, vivid and friendly that I’m sure it would be difficult for you to imagine that clearly, unless you visit the academy on your own. The first step is that you receive some consultation so that Paniz experts would exactly become aware of your talents. If you see some special acting abilities in you, here its accuracy will be… But don’t worry at all, because we believe that acting is a skill that can be achieved by correct trainings and affluent and continuous rehearsals. Here in Paniz we have met lots of members that really didn’t show any special talents at the very beginning but turned into stars later on and that was due to their intense interest and diligence. After the consultation, it’ll be registration time!

Training and Rehearsal

Welcome to Paniz acting academy for children and young adults! Now you are considered as a member of this school and you have somehow passed a very important step correctly, which is the selection of proper teachers and standard training methods. There is a chance you become successful if you are clever and hardworking enough. You’ll be a Paniz academy graduate after 3 hectic, enjoyable and indeed difficult semesters. But remember, you have to learn your lessons properly and you have to try a lot. Nothing can booster your skills like practicing. You do lots of individual and group practices in the school and the trainers of each major, keep an eye on you and provide you with important points. After passing such hard tasks, a Paniz academy certificate will be dedicated to you in recognition of your success.

Festivals and introduction

One of the major differences between Paniz academy and similar institutions is the existence of such prestigious festivals! The school has always glowed by its unique performances in various festivals, owing it to its stars and you can be one of stage stars. There is a very notable tip about the guests of these festivals. If not considered as a compliment, we should say that due to the special prestige that the academy has earned through numerous years, the festivals have such guests that maybe meeting them in person would be your dream! Lots of famous actors and directors of our country watch your performance and that’s where you have to show your abilities so that you can be selected. Paniz is honored to educate artists that have participated in such outstanding and huge cinema projects. Are you ready now?!

Three steps to become a Paniz member

Get some consultation: as we discussed earlier, the first step for you to enter Paniz academy is knowing more about you and your abilities. Consultation means to give you a proper view of what you are in order to make you able to distinguish between way and byway.

Receiving documents: After having first step done, in case you are willing to take part in school courses, you can register by submitting documents required for each semester. As we explain in registration part, you can pass each semester of Paniz either in three or six months.

Issuance of registration card: A card is going to be issued for you which is specially designed for Paniz students and it has your information on it. Whenever you take part in your classes, you need to have your card with you. In fact, this card serves as your identity card in the academy and is considered as a sign of your presence and absence.

I’m close to the inception of the Earth.

Once we enter this world, we find ourselves submerged in God’s artistic atmosphere. We are the inductors of the notion that Great God devolved upon us to create a unique world so that we are capable of saturating the universe by love and art.

Being blessed by the existence of a girl named “Paniz” and with endeavor and love, we have built a house to be the stage of scrutiny and outburst of the talents and gifts of our motherland’s offsprings. Under the high roof of this building, we play our lives and learn how to sing beautiful songs on our unique artistic stages. By reliance on knowledge and endeavor, we are proud of obtaining achievements that make Paniz shine on the summit of honor and glory, a summit which has an attractive and magical view of growing success and progress.

Having more than twenty educated and experienced instructors and seven hundred active and diligent students, Paniz academy was able to take an effective step toward Iran’s culture and art by producing two hundred and fifty theatrical works, thirty short films and cooperating on thousands of cinema, television and theatre projects. This academy persistently emphasizes on its three pillars: research, education and performance. Paniz academy is honored to take part in thirty seventh FADJR theatre festival with five works of four to twenty year old actors and to have a powerful performance.

With utmost gratitude to you and the ones who warm our hearts

Roxana Khalvati
Founder of the first special acting academy for children and young adults

Comments by Paniz fans…

Mahsa Ghorbani: I really want to thank my teachers and dear Ms. Khalvati. It is really important that people believe in you where you want to make your dreams come true. If you ask me to mention one of very special features of Paniz, I would refer to the positive atmosphere that can exist in a unique academic environment.

Meysam Parsa: ever since I registered my son in the school, his self confidence has improved a lot. He wasn’t able to properly communicate with others even me and his mother, but now he can play roles and say dialogues completely restful, in front of audience! I strongly recommend Paniz academy and I’m sure that the result which came to my son, wouldn’t be achieved by consulting sessions so soon. Thank you.

Sahar Bazargan: Well, Paniz school is a famous academy in general but when I wanted to register Vida here, the most important point that drew my attention was the variety of trainings and the good feeling that my daughter had during her classes. Paniz is really a professional school and considers each of its students as an occasion that can turn into a star and thank God, it has lots of stars indeed!

Leila Samavati: in my opinion, the most important sign of success for every institution would be the achievements that they have gained. All you need to do is to consider the superstars that this academy has presented to the cinematic society. Laconic and useful. Thanks.

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